Cooper Power Systems releases Yukon advanced energy services software

Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries  that manufactures power delivery products, has made available its Yukon IED Manager Suite (IMS) release 5.0. This release represents the latest effort by Cooper Power to help utilities improve their operational efficiency and meet regulatory requirements. The IMS integrates all intelligent electronic devices (IED) into a “cohesive, automated whole” and provides complete, enterprise-wide access to operational and non-operational substation data, in a highly secure environment, through a comprehensive communications infrastructure.

The IMS 5.0 includes the Password Manager module, providing the capability to remotely manage IED passwords.  Through a web-based management interface with granular access control,  IMS allows the viewing, changing, and updating of passwords for devices such as the Cooper Power Systems SMP Gateway and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) relays.


Cooper Yukon IED Manager Suite release 5.0.
-Cooper Power Systems Photo


The product also protects a utility’s critical assets through role-based access control where groups of users can be granted permissions to perform operations to groups of IEDs. The IMS Password Manager builds on this model and users can be granted permission to view only the passwords of the IEDs to which they have access. Users can only perform operations they are authorized to do, including remote password updates.

For more information on the Yukon IED Manager Suite (IMS) release 5.0, click here.

-Bill O’Leary


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