ICP redesigns website to attract job seekers to industrial distribution careers

The Industrial Careers Pathway (ICP), the Chicago based North American workforce initiative that works to link students and job seekers to career paths in industrial distribution and manufacturing, has completely overhauled its website to attract younger job seekers and inspire them to aim for careers in industrial distribution and manufacturing.


ICP photo

ICP photo


The new site at www.industrialcareerspathway.org is now mobile-enabled and divided into three sections: Work, Inform, and Hire.

  • The Work section is aimed at 18-34-year-old job seekers and allows them to search out employers and jobs by directing them to post their resumes to the ICP Job Board. Social media feeds have been embedded into the site to help the viral spread of information over social platforms. Young viewers can also watch video testimonials from people with careers in this field.
  • The Inform section is for educators and parents of job seekers that was designed to tout the benefits of the field to individuals who influence job seekers and might pass along the information. “We want these influencers to know as much as possible about industrial distribution so they can guide their students or young adult children into this career path,” said Mary Jawgiel, ICP program director.
  • The Hire section is for employers in industrial distribution and manufacturing. Here, employers will find links to the ICP Job Board and other resources to assist in recruiting, hiring, and managing new employees. Some of the free resources available include original articles written by ICP staff to assist employers with human resource ideas, ICP Talent Tipsheet, and the ICP Media Relations Guide.

Employers can also use the site to link to the ICP Job Board where, once registered, free resume searches are available.

-Bill O’Leary


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