Web Briefs, February EA

Our new, Blog-version of Web Briefs includes links to the websites/internet references we believe will be useful to persons in the electromechanical industries.  Previously listed in the magazine, these web briefs allow you to be one click away from your desired destination:

E&S Grounding Solutionswww.esgroundingsolutions.com: Explanations of “spheres of influence,” types of grounding electrodes, soil resistivity testing, ground potential rise, step-and-touch potential; how to design grounding systems; standards for lightning protection systems. “Ask the experts” blog dealing with all aspects of grounding system design and operation.

Webbookshttp://webbooks.net: free downloads of 846-page volume Automated Manufacturing Systems with PLC’s; 324-page DoE Handbook of Electrical Safety; 15-page DoE Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbook; 427-page Fuel Cell Handbook; 188-page Design Guide for Electromagnetic Interference; 139-page UPS Selection, Installation, and Maintenance; guidelines for electrical safety at work and on production lines.

European Photovoltaic Industry Association —www.epia.org/news/publications: 104-page publication Hybrid mini-grid control methods; 84-page report on Strategic Research Agenda for Photovoltaic Solar Energy Technology; “PV Power Update” of March 2011; 43-page review of existing PV products and their application; review of world market, technology status, and “Trends in Photovoltaic Applications” in a number of countries.

The Aluminum Associationwww.aluminum.org: 18-chapter Aluminum Electrical Conductor Handbook covering material properties, design criteria, installation practices, and more; conductor ampacity tables; stress-strain creep curves; building wire installation and termination; 14-page FAQ on corrosion resistance, fabrication, etc.

MyElectricalEngineeringhttp://myelectrical.com: “electrical motor” theory (inductance, power factor correction, d-c motor operation, etc.); earth electrode resistance; EMC; relays; arc flash calculations; standard wire and cable sizes and selection; three-phase system calculations; unit conversion.

Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety & Healthwww.elcosh.org: “toolbox talks” on construction site accident prevention; research reports on workplace safety involving use of tools, risk management, injury rates, climbing platform use, falls, cranes and aerial lifts, etc.; worker electrocution statistics; abstracts of data analyses, research, disease-related workplace conditions; news articles on material hazards, platform safety, loading/unloading heavy equipment; fire safety; posters, and tip sheets on eye injury, PPE, etc.; links to health and safety authorities, public, private, and governmental.

POWERVARwww.powervar.com: glossary of electric power terms, ampere to waveform distortion; white papers on power conditioning and surge protectors, power “viruses,” UL standard 1449, ground loops, voltage regulators, UPS dedicated/isolated circuits, causes and cures of neutral-to-ground voltages; “Power Facts.”

Mersenhttp://ep-us.mersen.com: “Arc Flash Info Center,” including arc flash calculator; explanation of the hazard; OSHA and NFPA 70E requirements; nine steps of arc hazard analysis; photo sequences of arc testing; use of current-limiting fuses, let-through tables, and charts; FAQ’s on arc flash studies and mitigation.

Quanta Technologywww.quanta-technology.com: technical papers and articles on electric utility distribution system reliability and aging infrastructure; cable replacement; energy storage; stray voltage and voltage control; integration of photovoltaic sources; impact of electric vehicle charging; Smart Grid implementation; load and demand forecasting; “storm hardening” of utility systems.

Lifetime Reliability Solutionswww.lifetime-reliability.com: white papers and articles on improving wind turbine reliability, root cause failure analysis, centrifugal pump failure modes and how to prevent pump failures. Maintenance management, equipment defect elimination strategy, and condition monitoring. Achieving high motor reliability. Galvanic corrosion. FAQ’s on maintenance planning and management.

Edited by the EA staff


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