The Comeback Kid: Print Advertising

Advertising Tip of the Month #3

This morning you logged onto your computer, checked your e-mail, and maybe followed an online news link featuring a banner advertisement above the article. Whether the advertisement went unnoticed by you or not, the change in company or product marketing has drastically shifted in the past few years. When you log onto social media sites, there will be promotional ads or posts. When you use search engines, your information can stimulate the ads you may see on the next Web site. Advertising seems to be everywhere online that you might wonder if advertising in print is going to last. The truth that digital platforms have revolutionized advertising cannot be ignored. But before you assume the print age of magazines is gone, think of these benefits for advertising in print:


1) There will always be a presence for print publications wherever you go—the library, the airport, or even the dentist’s office. Its visibility can attract attention that could linger over advertisements in a way online advertising cannot. As Publishers Press newsletter, Press Check, puts it, “Consumers cannot purchase a magazine that is out of sight and eventually out of mind.”

2) Quality paper can really highlight products in a way computer screens cannot. Photo reproduction in magazines enriches many advertisements.

3) Print magazines will continue to be passed along, picked up at an office, or have readers come back to an issue sitting on a shelf in their living room. This enables a higher chance of print advertisements leaving a mark on a reader.

4) Nobody knows their audience like a print magazine. Often internet advertising will throw some confusing curve balls, where the viewer is scratching their head as to how the product will interest them. Print advertising allows a company to utilize magazines accessed by their target audience.

In many ways these benefits of print magazines show the advertising industry is finding cohesiveness within the two mediums. The youth and new interest of internet advertising balances the tradition and perseverance of the print advertisement. For more information on advertising in Electrical Apparatus, click HERE. The closing date for advertising in the June 2013 issue will be May 15.

-Kristine Weller


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