Advertising Tip of the Month #4

In the first advertising tip of the month, the EAblog presented positive words to draw readers to a classified ad and make every word count. Before a company sends in text for a classified ad and after the proper medium to display the classified ad is chosen, a category for the advertisement should be decided.

Each magazine and newspaper have similar classified categories, though, both mediums also vary in available ad headings. Some classified sections are more specific than others with their headings, but the basic categories remain the same: Help Wanted, For Sale, Miscellaneous, and Business Opportunity. But within these categories, classified possibilities are numerous. For example, there are “Equipment for Sale” ads and there are “Distributors Wanted” advertisements.

Sometimes the most creative and most viewed classifieds are those with unique headings above their ads. With all of the typical headings, a classified ad could stand out with an original category or idea for advertising. Maybe a classified ad would best highlight an upcoming training event or a specific profession would be more easily seen if its heading was “Sales Representatives Wanted” instead of being underneath a regular “Help Wanted” category. By pinpointing ways to make your classified ad stand out, your company could hone in a target audience much sooner. So check with the medium you pursue for your classified ad to see if unique categories are available or could be created.

For information on advertising in the Electrical Apparatus classified pages or display advertising, click HERE. The closing date for classified and display ads in the July 2013 issue will be June 14.

Kristine Weller


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