Advertising Tip of the Month #7

Running the same ad frequently often familiarizes the reader with your company, service, or product. Once a reader or viewer sees an ad a few times they begin to connect the ad to the company. Eventually, though, the time will come to update your advertisement. Putting together new advertising material each month, year, or quarter can sometimes be daunting and time-consuming, but when do you, as an advertiser, decide your advertisement needs to be updated?

One of the first things to consider when updating advertising material are company events. Is the company celebrating a milestone anniversary? Is there an upcoming trade show your company will be attending? Mentioning special events adds a current and interesting touch to an ad. It could even bring in more inquiries or business.

Thanking customers for long-time business or successful events is a great way to update an advertisement. The added focus on the customer might impress your reader or viewer about how important your company thinks the customers are.

Advertisers might also consider updating their advertisement on a temporal basis–yearly or quarterly. Not only could this tie into seasonal themes to catch the reader’s eye, but a fresh ad can highlight a renewed perspective or care for your business. Check with your advertising agency or publication about policies regarding updating your ad and be creative.

For information on classified or display advertising in Electrical Apparatus magazine, check our Web site or call us at 312-321-9440.

Kristine Weller



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