Megger and University at Buffalo form joint project to develop software modules

Megger, a Dallas, Tex., manufacturer of portable test equipment and the University at Buffalo, an institution in the State University of New York system, have formed a joint project to benefit the university’s students and Megger’s customers. The project, which forms part of the iSEED (Institute for Strategic Enhancement of Educational Diversity) program and CSTEP (Collegiate Science and Technology Program), involves the students developing new software modules for the latest state-of-the-art relay protection test systems. While participating in the project, students work under the guidance of not only the university’s tutors, but also the engineers from Megger, who have practical experience in the relay test field and who act as mentors.

University at Buffalo benefits by having access to the latest test equipment and “up-to-the-minute” input provided by the mentors from Megger, while the students also have the opportunity to produce work that will ultimately be tested and used in a commercial environment. Megger benefits from having additional resources to develop the software modules, and its customers benefit by having faster delivery on new modules than would be possible without the cooperation of  the university and its students.

“Our students get the best of both worlds,” said Dr. Jennifer Zirnheld, assistant professor in electrical engineering at the University at Buffalo. “They gained support and knowledge from an industrial partner, they are part of a new institute on campus, they participated in multiple programs that immersed them into an intensive research experience, and they have had numerous opportunities to present their work.”

To date, the students involved in the project have produced software modules for testing three popular and widely used types of protection relay. After final evaluation and verification have been completed, these new modules will be added to the library of modules that already forms part of Megger’s AVTS relay test software suite, and will be available for download by users of the company’s relay test equipment.

-Bill O’Leary


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