Toshiba International realigns Motors & Drives Division

Toshiba International Corp., a Houston provider of application products to industrial, power, transmission, and distribution systems, announced the newly formed Motors & Drives Division has realigned its business structure. The new structure combines Toshiba International’s knowledge and experience in both motors and adjustable speed drives into one division for their full range of in-house services, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, field services, and training.

The integration of services allows Toshiba International the ability to test its motors and adjustable speed drives together as a complete system, with the goal of ensuring quality, performance, and reliability for the company’s products and services.

“The strategic alignment will greatly improve our in-house operations,” said Mark Laber, vice president and general manager of the Motors & Drives Division. “This gives us an invaluable competitive advantage as the only manufacturer in North America with full-cycle services under one roof.”

-Bill O’Leary


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