April EA Preview: When personal protective equipment is a necessity

In “Safety & Health” for the September 2013 issue of EA, Wes Scott, the consulting and training director for the Itasca, Ill.-based National Safety Council, emphasized the importance of administrative and engineering controls before personal protective equipment.  “When you rely on PPE, the hazard still exists,” warned Scott.  However, some hazards are intertwined with the job.  As a result, circumstances frequently call for added protection – particularly with respect to hand protection.

Before workers can select the proper protection, they need to ask several questions.  What kinds of threats will be faced?  Will the gloves protect against injury?  Will the gloves protect against injuries to particular parts of the hands?  In conducting preliminary research, workers need to look at tests that show gloves will help address the problems specific to the task.

To learn more about selecting the proper hand protection, see the “Safety & Health” column in the April 2014 issue of EA.

-Joseph Hoff

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