NEMA publishes standard for portable rechargeable cells and batteries

The May issue of Electrical Apparatus Magazine will include a column on the importance of battery life for electrical testing equipment. This issue is also significant for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), that recently published ANSI C18.2M, Part 1-2013 American National Standard for Portable Rechargeable Cells and Batteries—General and Specifications.

This publication applies to portable rechargeable, or secondary, cells and batteries based on the following electrochemical systems:

  • Nickel-cadmium
  • Nickel-metal hydride
  • Lithium-ion including lithium-ion polymer

Changes in this edition include:

  • alignment of definitions between all ANSI C18 standards
  • harmonization with IEC standards wherever possible
  • improved readability of the terminal arrangements section
  • included Li-ion polymer batteries
  • added storage adjusted capacity
  • added application charge performance test

Section 1 of this standard contains general information and all standardized performance and mechanical tests upon which all the specifications in Section 2 are based.

Section 2 specification sheets list those tests and requirements described herein that are required for each battery. Part 2 of this standard describes all safety tests and requirements.

ANSI C18.2M, Part 1-2013 may be purchased in electronic or hardcopy format on the NEMA website.


-Bill O’Leary



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