July EA Preview: Our annual training issue

For the past five years, the July issue of Electrical Apparatus has focused on training in the electromechanical industry. This year is no different.

With origins dating all the way back to the Middle Ages, apprenticeships are a type of training for those who wish to become master craftsmen in skilled occupations. Those who are students in these programs are known as apprentices, and here they work to learn a set of skills to prepare themselves for work in a particular trade like carpenter, electrician, or motor winder. The majority of this training is done while working for the employer in exchange for labor over an agreed upon period of time.

I spoke with three organizations that offer apprenticeships: a Florida-based provider of education to the electrical profession, a large California utility with in-house training for employees, and a Canadian polytechnic institution with an electric motor technician program. These organizations take different approaches to the wide-range of training opportunities for apprenticeships. Here we’ll see what sets their programs apart, what the benefits of these types of programs, are, how they fit in the training landscape for electrical engineering industry, and what future is in store for apprenticeships as a whole.


-Bill O’Leary


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