Electroindustry business conditions retreat in September

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s Electroindustry Business Conditions Index (EBCI) for current conditions in North America retreated to 57.1 in September from 68.2 in August, its highest level in more than three years. Nonethless a larger share of panelists—24%—reported business conditions improved during the month than reported they declined (10%). The largest share—67%—reported conditions were unchanged from August to September. The EBCI for future North American conditions declined to 76.2 in September from 84.1 in each of the two previous months. Fifty-seven percent of panelists said they expect conditions to improve over the next half-year compared to only 5% reporting that they anticipate a near-term deterioration in the business environment.

The EBCI indexes are based on the results of a monthly survey of senior managers at NEMA member companies and are designed to gauge the business environment of the electroindustry in North America (defined here as the United States and Canada). Respondents are asked to indicate whether conditions are better, worse, or unchanged.  The survey also provides space for respondents to comment on current conditions. The index value is the percentage of respondents expecting “Better” conditions, plus half of the percentage of respondents expecting “Unchanged” conditions.

Click here for the complete September 2014 report.



-Bill O’Leary


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