PTDA adds eight new members

The Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA), a Chicago-based association for the industrial power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) distribution channel, recently welcomed eight new member companies:

Distributor Member

Intech Bearing Inc. (Houston, Texas) is a distributor of bearings, belt and chain drives, clutches and brakes, linear motion products, and PT accessories. Learn more at

Manufacturer Members

Bervina KFT (Budapest, Hungary) is a manufacturer of drive components. Learn more at

Brook Crompton USA Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio) is a manufacturer of high-efficiency electric motors. Jeffrey G. Casey, vice president of sales states, “Having attended a number of PTDA conferences myself, when I joined Brook Crompton I made it a priority for us to join. Many of our customers are members and I find the networking opportunities to be invaluable. We hope to become long-term members of this great organization.” Learn more at

Carter Manufacturing Company Inc. (Grand Haven, Mich.) is a bearing manufacturer. “Carter has been in business over 50 years and is looking forward to attending the PTDA Industry Summit for the first time. Our sales team and current distributors advised us that PTDA provides a great venue to introduce our core values and capabilities to its distributor members,” says Jeff Berry, president. Learn more at

Conveyor Accessories, Inc. (Burr Ridge, Ill.) is a manufacturer of conveyor belt fasteners and tools. “Knowing that several of our distributors are currently members, we believe that PTDA will provide us the opportunity to expand our distribution network,” says Chris McCarty, manager of sales. Learn more at

Conveyors Inc. (Mansfield, Texas) is a manufacturer of material handling components.   Don Markham, business development manager notes, “We made the choice to join PTDA to strengthen our relationships with distributors. We are always looking to grow so joining PTDA was an easy choice for us. We are extremely excited to be part of this great association and look forward to being active members, bringing value to the industry.” Learn more at

Kuroda Jena Tec Inc. (Marietta, Ga.) is a manufacturer of linear and rotary motion products and services. Learn more at

T.D. Cross Ltd T/A Cross+Morse (Birmingham, United Kingdom) is a manufacturer of belt and chain drives, conveyor chain, shaft couplings and gearing products. “Cross+Morse joined PTDA to raise the profile of the company within the Americas for our “Cross” range of products. PTDA looked to be an excellent vehicle to achieve this and provides many opportunities to network with distributors in a very competitive marketplace,” says Mike Scudamore, commercial director. Learn more at

-Bill O’Leary


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