Fluke assists in providing electricity for the Super Bowl

Fluke Corp., an Everett, Wash., manufacturer of industrial testing equipment including electronic test equipment, received an invitation from WBL Services, a Seattle provider of telecommunications products and services, to “shadow” their team as they prepared University of Phoenix Stadium for the Super Bowl this Sunday. Technicians at WBL Services will be using Fluke testers, analyzers, and loggers to make sure the event goes off without a hitch.

Leading up to the “big game,” Fluke has been providing content on its Web site about the preparation for such a massive event. One release titled “Preventing a ‘Blackout Bowl’ at Pro Football’s Biggest Game” details what went wrong during the 2013 Super Bowl where the entire stadium experienced a blackout during the game. A malfunction in an electrical device called a shunt, designed to prevent problems, is blamed for triggering the blackout.

“As I understand it, this shunt was put in specifically to prevent what happened,’ said Bill Lipscomb, president of WBL Services, a 30-year veteran of managing technology infrastructure at National Football League games. “It was supposed to monitor any surges and prevent them. What it didn’t take into consideration was the halftime show.”

“Why Power Quality is Critical to Football Broadcasts” shows how broadcast trailers, satellite trucks, field technicians, and more are involved in making sure there are no picture cut outs or lost audio.

“The thing that concerns me most about being at these venues, is they use a lot of generator power,” said Shane Conner, a WBL contractor and owner of an electrical design company in Lebanon, Ind. “So if those generators are spiking or get out of sync that will definitely affect us.”

Ken Felker, a technician from Michigan who works for WBL, concurs. “We have to make sure power is at a constant, there are no dips or spikes and we need to make sure we’re not overloading our circuit,” he said. “The Fluke tool measures all of that and more.”

The site also contains slideshows and videos of the Super Bowl preparation. Click here view it all.

-Bill O’Leary

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