Sulzer CEO resigns

Klaus Stahlmann

Klaus Stahlmann has resigned.

Thomas Dittrich will fill in as interim CEO.

Thomas Dittrich will fill in as interim CEO.

Sulzer, the Swiss manufacturing and engineering company, announced the resignation of CEO Klaus Stahlmann yesterday, with the company announcing that he “wishes to explore other opportunities outside Sulzer.” A company spokesman told Bloomberg news that the resignation was not connected to job cuts or to a takeover offer by its largest shareholder, Renova Group.

Stahlmann was appointed in February 2012 and will be temporarily replaced by interim CEO Thomas Dittrich. Sulzer’s board of directors selected Dittrich, formerly the CFO, to head the company in the interim shortly after the resignation.

Sulzer has a diverse network of products, everything from adhesives to the railway industry, but its main products and primary sales are generated from centrifugal pumps. The company is divided into three main divisions: Pumps Equipment, Rotating Equipment Services, and Chemtech. Pumps equipment includes agitators and mixers. Rotating equipment services involves the service and repair of thermal turbomachinery, as well as rotating electrical equipment and turbines. Chemtech offers components and services for separation columns and static mixing.

The company currently employs over 15,000 workers, but just recently was forced to make over 400 cuts in the Pumps Equipment division due to the difficulties of the current oil and gas market and the restructuring of the division’s global manufacturing network.


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