Brackets, and motors, and valves (Oh, my!)

This week saw the introduction of three new series of products, all by leading distributors in the electromechanical industry. Let’s break down the new arrivals and analyze their potential benefits:

  1. Electro Static Technology’s new series of brackets. Universal Mounting Ring brackets are a new product being released by EST, engineered to simplify installation for high-current-capable Bear Protection Rings (iPro or WTG). They can be used in large motors, generators, and wind turbines. Slotted legs have been added that allow mounting to a motor with a bolt circle of the shaft diameter plus 2.64” to 7.79” inches. The brackets have three standoff spacers of ½ inch, 1 inch, and 1 ½ inch increments. These ensure clearance for shaft shoulders, slingers, or other end bell protrusions. Custom mounting brackets and plates will no longer be necessary. Universal Mounting Brackets are compatible with iPro, iPro-MR, and WTG ring models.
EST brackets

EST brackets

  1. The SM40 series of motors from WEG. These are efficient synchronous motors, 5 to 35 MW in power, aimed to be more efficient and shoulder a heavier workload. Extended maintenance intervals are provided in these models, enabling users to reduce servicing costs and increase process uptime. The SM40’s shaft and rotor are made from single-forged steel, which in conjunction with its high starting torque make it applicable for high-inertia situations, such as centrifugal compressors in air separation plants or the oil and gas industry, large fans in the steel industry or power plants, and high-power pumps and pulp mills. “Our new SM40 motors are exceptionally sturdy and highly efficient and are designed to help increase productivity which bringing maintenance and energy costs down,” says Marek Lukaszczyk, European and Middle East Marketing Manager at WEG. The four-pole motors are available in sizes IEC 800-IEC 1250 and designed for voltages up to 13.8 kV at 50 or 60 Hz.
WEG's SM40

WEG’s SM40 motor series

  1. A new multi-functional valve series being debuted by KSB. The BOA-Control and BOA-Control IMS, which use ultrasound waves to determine flow rate through pump systems, are expected to be more cost-efficient and reduce necessary installation space. Shut-off, balancing, and measuring are combined to provide three functions in a single valve. Time and distance are measured instantly by the ultrasound to expedite measurement processes. More precise temperature recording is also provided via integrated sensors. The tools are expected to be primarily used for hydraulic balancing in hot-water heating systems, air-conditioning systems and cooling circuits. KSB is a pump manufacturer headquartered in Frankenthal, Germany.

    KSB's new series of valves

    KSB’s new series of valves


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