Grundfos gives Volkswagen a jump-start

A partnership that has been burgeoning for the past 4 years was given more fuel this month and looks primed to continue. The most recent collaboration between Grundfos and Volkswagen occurred this month, when the international pump supplier installed a new control system and several controllers for the Braunschweig production plant of the distinctive German automobile company.

As part of a continued effort to improve their energy efficiency, VW enlisted Grundfos for the third time since 2011 to assess the energy output at the Braunschweig location and determine ways to cut consumption. This time, it was the control system that required adjustment. After an audit period and full assessment of the plant’s consumption patterns, it was determined that a more efficient control system could significantly curtail the energy consumption. Grundfos iSolutions uses an MPC pump controller to monitor changes in pressure and adjust the levels accordingly. The iSolutions system was able to optimize efficiency to the mark of a 25% decrease in energy consumption from a single machining line- a goal that had been set by Volkswagen’s most recent campaign. With financial assistance and intuitive solutions from Grundfos, VW had already reached a benchmark they had hoped to achieve at all their plants by 2018. Now, the next step is to continue installing iSolutions control systems and MPC pump controllers at other locations to uphold this trend across the board. Energy savings of up to 40% are possible for the future.

The results have earned praise, and sprouted optimism, from Volkswagen’s corporate heads and plant employees alike. VW electrical engineer Eugene Treder refers to Grundfos as a “dedicated partner” and the partnership as a “good investment”. The hope is that continued collaboration with Grundfos and use of their pump systems will foster un-Beetle-ble energy efficiency.

Grundfos is a Danish company with U.S. headquarters in Downers Grove, Illinois.


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