Controlling a motor with Bluetooth

MotorAir USB/Wireless Dual Motor Driver Board

EA’s Bill O’Leary asks, “Can the powerful and expansive tentacles of Bluetooth stretch to hands-on trades like electro-mechanical engineering? Will we ever reach a point where we can operate an electric motor remotely using Blue-tooth on our smartphones?

“Truth is we already can. Kind of. Behold “MotorAir,” a Bluetooth dual motor driver smartphone remote control kit. The MotorAir allows you to control two d-c motors by using the USB port on your computer. The wireless extension port on the USB dual motor driver board of the MotorAir gives you the ability to control a d-c motor through Bluetooth. Users can control two d-c motors (5-24 volts) forward or back-ward as well as motor speed. The MotorAir board can be powered by USB bus or direct current and its two motor driver ports can run up to 2 amps per channel.”
Bill writes about this and other Bluetooth technology in his Fast Forward column, in Electrical Apparatus’s October 2015 issue. (Not a subscriber? Go to to sign up.) Be prepared to be amazed by what Bluetooth can – and intends to – do.

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