Advertising Tip #12: Holiday Gifts/Thank-yous

The holiday season is a time of giving, so it is no surprise that many companies send special gifts or cards to say thank you for another great year working together. Sometimes it can be a simple holiday card, a gift, or promotional deal. Here are a few quite tips to keep in mind for holiday/thank you gifts:

  • Whatever your company decides to send should have value and use to the customers like a pen, note pad, or letter opener.
  • The gift should include a logo, motto, or other way to associate the gift with your company. This connects the usefulness of the gift to your company name.
  • Sometimes a gift (or part of a gift) that holds strong relevance with the industry may be of the most value to the customer. For example, a sporting goods company may send note pads shaped like popular sporting equipment.
  • The more creative or personalized the gift shows the time and thought that went into saying thank you to your customer.

Happy Holidays to all and share the gift of a free one-year subscription of Electrical Apparatus magazine with one of your customer by having them sign up at or email us and we will send an invitation for a free one-year subscription.

Thank you to all EA readers! Your support and enjoyment of the magazine each month keeps us motivated all year.


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