Danfoss film wins award

“Engineering Tomorrow” wins at “other” Cannes festival


Eloquent language to accompany a picture of a motor design being integrated into the blueprint for a tractor:

“Nature is not just beauty. We feel its immense power, demanding and inspiring us to take control. So bit by bit, we slowly make the impossible give way, until one day we engineer. And what begins as hope, becomes the reality of tomorrow. Cities for millions that touch the sky…a richer harvest to feed a growing world…keeping food fresh, and our children warm. In a world that can make more out of less. We dream…we hope…we accomplish. Through hard work, knowledge, engineering. We are Danfoss, and we are engineering tomorrow.”

These words form the introduction to the short film entitled “Engineering Tomorrow”, produced by Danish pump manufacturer Danfoss Group.  You may have read about this in the December issue of Electrical Apparatus –  see page 10.  As senior editor Kevin Jones explains, the film features “an American farmer, a German engineer, a Chinese civil servant and a Russian heating and plumbing fitter.” The film is an indisputable tribute to Danfoss and its products, but the stories of the four made it stand out in the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, “regarded by some as the world’s foremost competition for corporate films, videos and documentaries.”

Danfoss has divisions of HVAC/R, industrial automation, specialized adaptable drives (which includes motors and integrated solutions), power solutions, and commercial compressors. The company has influence in the HVAC, food & beverage, water & wastewater, refrigeration, lift & crane, marine, mining, and chemical industries.

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