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Stay safe this holiday seasonchristmas tree

For the holidays, it’s always nice to give and receive a variety of items: a few luxuries and treats, but alongside a few necessities. In doing some digging, we came up with some suggestions for both categories, and even some that overlap.

Wired Magazine featured this electrical tape that toes the line. Double gray lines that spiral along the roll prevent the constant frustration of trying to locate the end where you last left off. Tape is rated for up to 660V and 221 degrees, and is a standard 3/4” wide on a  66-foot roll. Labeled “The End Is In Sight” Electrical Tape and available from American Science & Surplus online for $3.75 (3-pack). Keep it handy at the shop, on the factory floor, or at home- in case any of those Christmas lights get frayed. Which won’t happen if you use our next item…

Remote control Christmas lights. Everything is done by app nowadays, so get used to it. There are now multiple brands that produce remote lights which can be controlled by app, for easy on-and-off switching without needing to be present. Certainly helps dad eliminate those precarious Clark Griswold scenarios on the rooftop.

It might be funny when depicted in movies, but real life safety is no joke. We all know this. Unfortunately, one of the most enticing products for kids and adults alike may have some safety issues and is worth serious review before purchasing. Hoverboards have been one of the most popular products to come out in the past year. We’d also love to see them flourish because they use smaller electric motors. Unfortunately, plenty of reports indicate their potential for overheating, catching fire, and even exploding (the video below was our featured Video of the Week in the Direct & Current e-news of December 17th. To sign up for our weekly newsletters, click here.)

…The cause has been carelessly made lithium-ion batteries that don’t contain a circuit breaker designed to switch off the battery when it overheats. Most legitimate battery manufacturers won’t have this problem. However, these have become such a money spinner that as of right now, safety can’t be ensured and more than 30 people have been injured nationwide in incidents where they overcharge the batteries.

Airlines banned them, and major markets such as Amazon and Overstock have stopped selling them right before the holiday. We hope some folks can work out how to perfect this product- because it’d be great on both ends of the market.



  1. Nickel & Dime | Electrical Apparatus Magazine - January 21, 2016

    […] of the obvious incentives for this solution is the recent popularity of hoverboards, which are handy portable methods of transport containing small electric motors powered by […]

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