Cavitation Solution

Canadian entrepreneur hopes to make pump advancements

Mike Mitton, of Brantford, Ontario, reports that he’s made a breakthrough this week on a concept he’d been working at for years previously.

After experiencing a lot of trial and error, including pitches to GM and other companies that flickered out, Mitton persisted and has reportedly achieved something practical and worthwhile.

Last month, a Florida Senator announced the success of Mitton’s cavitation reactor in the ongoing work to reclaim Lake Apopka.

Pump cavitation is not only a noticeable problem, but a previously unaddressed one.

Pump cavitation is not only a noticeable problem, but a largely unaddressed one.

Now the president of Mitton Valve technology, Mitton has worked with manufacturer Brant Custom Machining, who specializes in milling, machining, boring, welding, grinding & honing services, and sawing and cutting services, but also does jobs involving hydraulic pump maintenance.

It is this area of research and tinkering that brought about their captain’s breakthrough idea. He has the opportunity to help purify a Florida lake that has been come to be known as one of the most polluted in the country.

Mitton devised a new type of pump valve that guards against pollutants. It fights against the destructive process of cavitation, long beleaguered by pump manufacturers. Cavitation is defined as the process of formation of the vapor phase of a liquid when it is subjected to reduced pressures at constant ambient temperature. Thus, it is the process of boiling in a liquid as a result of pressure reduction rather than heat addition.

The Florida test case, being completed by franchisee Ferthaul Florida RS, has already successfully removed more than 2,700 kilograms of phosphorus from 30 million litres of dredged canal water and mud, using no chemicals, all while cutting down on time and cost in comparison to other systems.

The original story was reported by Susan Gamble of the Brantford Expositor (Brantford, ON).

The original version of this post mistakenly identified Mike Mitton as head of Brant Custom Machining. The company President is Thomas Douglas; Mike Mitton is President of Mitton Valve Technology Inc., a privately owned company. Direct and Current E-news regrets the error.


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