Brush Up on Wind Power

Morgan Advanced Materials to present at AWEA conference

The U.S. wind industry’s trade organization has recognized Morgan Advanced Materials for recent work on carbon brush and slip ring heating.

Morgan offers carbon brushes for wind turbines.

Morgan offers carbon brushes designed for wind turbines.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), announced that it has accepted a company abstract to be presented at an upcoming February conference. The abstract, by Roland Roberge, Manager of Design and Application Engineering at Morgan’s site in Greenville, S.C., is entitled “Sources of Carbon Brush and Slip Ring Heating”. It will be presented at the AWEA wind project O&M and safety conference in San Diego, Calif., which runs from February 8th-10th this year. The conference serves as a platform for connecting professionals within the wind industry – everyone from turbine manufacturers to technicians. Focal points of discussion include safety solutions, assets management, environmental and health impacts, and prospects for the U.S. O&M market.

Morgan is headquartered in the United Kingdom and produces a range of materials including carbon brushes, ceramics and alloys, bearings, commutators, and thermal engineering items. According to Process and Control Today, Roberge’s abstract will discuss “sources of heat generation to the carbon brush of the doubly/single fed asynchronous generator, taking into account different speeds, brush current densities and slip ring materials.” The presentation is aimed to help increase efficiency, optimize component choices, and reduce maintenance costs and downtime for members of the wind power industry. MAM has been supplying the wind turbine industry for over 30 years, according to its website.

AWEA, meanwhile, has an eventful and demanding year ahead, following its milestone achievements of 2015. The organization not only surpassed the 70 gigawatt mark for installed functional wind power – enough to power 19 million homes – but it also released an ambitious five-year plan and became an important tool in political positioning. The proposed plan, in compliance with the Department of Energy, hopes to reach a goal of producing 20% of our country’s total energy output by 2030.

AWEA's five-year plan aims to account for 20% of the nation's energy production by 2030.

AWEA’s five-year plan aims to account for 20% of the nation’s energy production by 2030.

Achieving this would require 140 GW of production over the next 14 years, double the amount they have produced over the past 30, and would lean heavily on the continued reduction of carbon emissions brought forth by the Clean Power Plan, as well as reliance on government PTC (production tax credit) which was extended in mid-December and will continue (albeit in decreased percentages) through 2019. The five-year plan also includes new campaigns on the education front to assist aspiring technicians with safety and training knowledge.

The organization also has their highly anticipated expo coming this May.

Note: Look for more AWEA news in the March issue of EA!

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