Advertising Tip #13 Trade Show Promotion

Trade shows are an important part of many company’s marketing plans, but more than that they are a community for an industry. Some trade shows even feel like a family reunion.

Whether a trade show is your first or fiftieth, promoting your company’s exhibit presence is a great way to draw attention to new products, promotional deals, or exhibit presentations. The abundance of marketing platforms offers many options for promotion, but finding the best option to reach your target audience should be the first consideration. The marketing platform should be specific and familiar to the attendees of the trade show with the potential to be seen by the maximum amount of possible attendees.

Then considering the design and message of your advertisement is the next step. It is crucial to make it relevant to the trade show theme or some way to stand out with the audience. Sometimes this means creating entirely new advertising material or it can be as simple as adding a line with your booth number or show promotion sale to an existing ad. The key is to draw attention for attendees to visit your exhibit booth.

Electrical Apparatus magazine offers these trade show benefits:

  • Free booth line updates to advertisements in trade show issues.
  • Our 5 theme issues go to every trade show for a full year after publication, which extends the presence in front of readers and reaches a wider audience. 
  • Bonus distribution of theme issues and trade show preview issues at 8 trade shows.
  • A slideshow featuring all current EA advertisers at our booth at 4 trade shows.

Let trade shows work for your marketing!

Kristine Weller 


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