When in Rome…

Georgia electric motor shop catches repeat burglar

The following describe the actions of a man who is one of the three:

a) A copper wiring enthusiast and avid mechanical experimenter

b) A run-of-the-mill thief

c) A complete nutbar

In Rome, Georgia, a man has been jailed for multiple burglaries and $150,000 in damages to 11 electric motors at Rome Electric Motor Works.

Roger Dewayne Callahan

Roger Dewayne Callahan

Roger Dewayne Callahan, 28, burglarized the company three times between Nov. 30th and January 10th. He reportedly stole 12 spools of copper wire during the first incident. He then cut off the copper leads from 11 electric motors (causing the $150,000 in damage) on the second burglary, according to a post by Blake Doss of the Rome News-Tribune on Sunday, January 28th. Most recently, on January 10th, he took “several electric motors placed outside the building,” Doss reported.

“We did have a theft problem and have caught one of the two thieves,” shop owner Bill Bowling confirmed to EA, declining to comment further on the incident.

Founded in 1945, Rome Electric Motor Works provides electric motor repair services. It offers repair services for pumps, gearboxes and control panels. The company is a service center for the repair of hazardous location motors and warranty station for motor and control manufacturers. The shop also has an extensive winding department capable of protecting windings against abrasives and contaminated and moisture-laden atmospheres that destroy normal windings. It maintains a fleet of route trucks that operates in Nebraska, Georgia and Tennessee. The company’s machine shop maintains a stock of vertical mills, hydraulic press, broaching and inside key-cutting equipment and is “equipped to meet all needs, both big and small,” able to turn rolls with a 50-inch outer diameter, with links up to 25 feet. We also offer in-house and on-site dynamic balancing, laser alignment, and vibration analysis. The company also has an electronics lab that custom designs and manufactures control panels, and sells new motors including products from WEG, Baldor, Nidec, Siemens, and Lafert.

Callahan is innocent until proven guilty. However, this isn’t the first time he’s expressed his affinity for copper products without regards to their rightful owner.




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