On Hold

Supreme Court issues stay on Clean Power Plan

Renewable energy advocates and related business suffered a setback Tuesday when a Supreme Court ruling put the Clean Power Plan on hold until at least June.

The court’s decision was announced Tuesday night following a 5-4 vote. The court officially issued a stay – a temporary blockage of the CPP. Under the stay, the EPA cannot take actions to implement or enforce the CPP until pending legal challenges against the rule are resolved in the courts.

The 5-to-4 vote, with the court’s four liberal members dissenting, was unprecedented — the Supreme Court had never before granted a request to halt a regulation before review by a federal appeals court.

Reactions have been pouring in from all corners over the past two days.

International supporters have rallied behind President Barack Obama, contending that the ruling will not affect the deal devised during the Paris climate change talks of this past December.

The decision now falls on many state departments as to whether or not to continue. Virginia has resolved to continue with its plans, despite recognizing obstacles. Meanwhile, those in “coal country” states like Wyoming are delighted.

The move is undeniably a blow to organizations like the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), which expressed disappointment and resolve in a statement issued by CEO Tom Kiernan on Tuesday: “Today’s decision does not mean the Clean Power Plan has been overturned, to the contrary we are confident that once the courts carefully consider the merits of these cases, the Clean Power Plan will stand. A stay, however is disappointing because it may signal eventual delays in reducing both the carbon pollution that is causing climate change and getting proven, clean, and affordable wind energy to more Americans.”


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