Ontario Gets Advanced

Province invests $40 million in Advanced Manufacturing

Canada’s most populous province is taking steps to solidify its manufacturing future.

At the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Industrie 2030 summit Tuesday, the Ontario Office of the Premier announced two major investments directed towards the manufacturing industry. While discussing the province’s $400 million Business Growth Initiative, Premier Kathleen Wynne detailed a $35 million investment over five years in the Advanced Manufacturing Consortium and an additional 10-year, $5 million portion to establish the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing, in what the office’s news release describes as a “shift towards a high-growth innovation economy”.

The CME is Canada’s largest trade and industry association, with a history of pushing innovation and promoting international competitiveness, some of which can be seen in the video below:

“Ontario is making critical investments to support manufacturing, strengthen global competitiveness and help create high-value jobs across the province…Both programs will provide support to traditional manufacturers to help them transform into more innovative, dynamic and productive companies,” says the news release. Supporting the manufacturing sector is part of the government’s economic plan to strengthen Ontario through economic growth and job creation; its top two priorities. The four-part plan includes investing in talent and skills, including helping more people get and create the jobs of the future by expanding access to high-quality college and university education (McMaster, Waterloo, and Western Universities are all partners on long-term industrial innovation projects in additive manufacturing and digital components). It also includes the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario’s history (roughly $130 billion over ten years) and investing in a low-carbon economy driven by innovative, high-growth, export-oriented businesses.

The job creation aspect is of major interest not only to those directly affected, but to many in the United States as well. The Canadian government has recently created the Highly Skilled Workforce Strategy Expert Panel, designed to merge educational, training, and skills development to better serve the evolving economic landscape. The plan is also helping working Ontarians achieve a more secure retirement.



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