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Canadian shops weigh in on state of the industry

In connection with a feature that will highlight aspects of the Canadian electromechanical industry, Electrical Apparatus editors surveyed shops throughout that country. We learned that falling oil prices and cross-border arrangements are some of the salient challenges facing Canadian shops. Some comments are copied below — look for the full article in the May 2016 EA.  Canada_flag_map.svg

One person we spoke to was Patrick Yorke of Cos Phi Power Factor and Power Quality Specialists, Hensall, Ontario, who told EA about some of the challenges and opportunities within the Canadian industry.

“The drive to be cost-effective in industry today with the rapid pace of change can be a challenge,” Yorke says.

Some areas for opportunity in today’s industry, Yorke mentioned, are the potential for controlling finances. “All industry is looking to control costs,” he says. “Much of the equipment we manufacture is targeted to reduce operating costs for most industries.” Yorke continued by noting that Cos Phi currently supports clients in 10 countries, primarily in the U.S.A., Canada, and South America, as part of its installed base. The company also works with partners in the U.S.A. and Canada as a provider of power quality and power factor related equipment and technical support.cos phi

The various challenges of cross-border arrangements were also covered. “Cross border arrangements are a consideration that affect timing and logistics,” Yorke said, “So we have experienced staff well versed in handling the documentation requirements.”

A dramatic drop in oil prices in the states over the past couple of years is well documented, but how has that affected Canadian companies? In most cases, it has been adverse. “Everyone is affected by commodity costs and relative currency rates.  The strength of the US dollar creates increased value for US companies using our products,” Yorke said.


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