Hannover Messe 2016

World’s biggest manufacturing conference continues this week

It’s the World Cup of manufacturing. Hannover Messe is underway this week; still in progress as we speak through April 29.

Visitors were eventually able to enjoy some sunshine on the Hannover-Messe fairgrounds by day 3.

Visitors were eventually able to enjoy some sunshine on the Hannover Messe fairgrounds by day 3. – Image via Twitter

For a plethora of industries, this is a grand occasion every year. 2016 also happens to be the convention’s 70th annual event. And there is no shortage of headlines: this year’s conference has high-profile visitors, political implications, startups, protesters…and of course, innovative new products.

Monday’s opening day saw U.S. President Barack Obama lead off with a speech. While his presence galvanized the crowd more than usual this year, it also inconvenienced droves of it. Many attendees were delayed due to both the heavy security presence required to accompany the president, as well as inclement weather.

Some of Obama’s constituents attended, too. Michigan governor Rick Snyder had good reason, looking for investments and potential donations following the Flint water crisis of the past six months. Kentucky’s governor, Matt Bevin, is attending as well, with aims to promote the state’s manufacturing landscape to European investors.

The POTUS and his German affiliate, Chancellor Angela Merkel, both tested out wearables designed for electric motors on Monday. They also toured the floor and experienced a number of other new products. Here’s the pair visiting the Siemens booth, where the president received a special gift.

So what were some of the new products, which are so anticipated every year? Hannover Messe, perhaps more than any other convention or trade show, has risen to the summit of manufacturing showmanship, and is a veritable hotbed for new releases. There appears to be no shortage this year. Microsoft and OTIS are teaming up for a project on smart elevators: the two established companies hope to connect more than 2 million systems across the world. ContiTech is featuring bike courier bags designed by materials specialists that it claims are “virtually indestructible”. The Omron booth featured a robot playing ping-pong. Enercon Industries‘ booth includes a spectacular cross section of the generator of a wind turbine, built to scale. Lastly…such a momentous occasion wouldn’t be complete without robotic spiders, right? Visit the Hannover Messe 2016 Twitter page to experience the fun in real time, directly from the floor itself.



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