The 20-Year Club

EASA’s longest-tenured exhibitors at year 75 of the convention

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association’s annual convention has long since been recognized as one of the premier events for the electromechanical service industry, so it’s no surprise when companies return each year. “EASA truly appreciates its many loyal exhibitors. They contribute to the overall success of the show and create a strong exhibitor base which helps us attract new exhibitors every year.” Dale Shuter, CMP EASA Meetings & Expositions Manager, told EA. easa logo

As we approach the EASA 2016, it’s not difficult to get excited. This year marks the show’s 75th year running. A summertime Toronto venue should be an excellent setting. The New Product Theater is highly anticipated; featuring presentations from exhibitors such as Lafert, Inpro/Seal, Spring Point Solutions, Toshiba International Corp., and more. Keynote speaker Sam Glenn’s “A Kick in the Attitude” (Sunday, 11:00 AM-12:45 PM) is also likely to be a main attraction to ignite the energy of the show. But the heart of EASA has always been its exhibitors.

Below, EA acknowledges some of the longest-tenured exhibitors at the show over the years (This is not a complete list, but is based on responses EA received while preparing our “What’s in the booths?” article for the June issue).

We look forward to seeing everyone in Toronto!

ACE Armature Coil Equipment – 40 years

Advanced Energy – 20 years

Baldor Electric Company – 50+ years

Barks Publications – 65+ years

Bartlett Bearing Company – 20+ years

Brook Crompton N.A. – 20+ years

CAM Innovation – 20 years

EASA Products & Services – 75 years

ELANTAS PDG – 20+ years

The Electric Materials Company – Exhibiting longer than anyone can remember!

Essex Brownell – Since the beginning!

Helwig Carbon Products, Inc. – 50 years

ICC International – 32 years

Inpro/Seal – 20 years

IRD Balancing/LEXSECO – 35+ years

Lafert North America – 25 years

LUDECA Inc. – 20 years

Martindale – 50+ years

Mersen (USA & Canada) – 20 years

Morgan Advanced Materials – 25+ years

Nachi America, Inc. – 20+ years

Nidec Motor Corporation – 30 years

Open Systems, Inc. – 30 years

Phenix Technologies – 30 years

Regal – 30+ years

SAMATIC Winding Co. – 30 years

Schunk Graphite, LLC – 20 years

SKF EMCM – 28+ years

Star Technology – 20 years

Toledo Commutator Company – 20+ years

Toshiba International Corporation – 20+ years


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