Advertising Tip #15: QR Codes in Print Ads

A Quick Response Code or QR code is a matrix barcode that when scanned with a phone or other compatible digital devices, leads to a web page or information about the product. Using a QR Code on a print advertisement is an effective way to connect digital marketing with a print audience along with quick access for readers to learn more about your advertisement. Adding a QR Code is also a reasonable way to track interaction with your print ad–especially as print magazines are often kept by readers for a longer period of time. It enhances the advertisement and shares important information with readers if space is limited.

QR codes can be created online at a few different websites line QR Code Generator to promote products, training event registration, order forms, etc. Then you can download the QR code to add it into your print advertisement file. Most publications, EA included, require the QR code to be all black for the best possible outcome. This will help readers clearly see and scan your QR code (example below).

Kristine Weller

qr code


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