Time To Renew

Renewables, startups gain mainstream exposure

Do regulations and unfamiliarity hamper small business owners, even in robust and growing market segments like renewable energy? Carla Walker-Miller, founder of energy services provider Walker-Miller Energy Services, took that question to MSNBC’s Morning Joe program this week. You can view the segment here; episode is Wednesday, June 8, and her segment appears at 39:00.

Renewable solutions, as well as startup companies in this instance, are getting more and more mainstream exposure. Given the cold shoulder through decades of denial, renewables are now, at the very least, an indisputable solution to reducing carbon footprint and fostering energy efficiency. The industry’s presence is visible all over your internet news (and even on morning television). “From air conditioners to light fixtures, Walker-Miller Energy Services helps clients lessen their carbon footprint and save money with energy-conserving products,” per its website.

Walker-Miller has grown her business by reaching out to communities, working with utility companies, and vigorous networking. In 2013, she enrolled in Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program. Since participating in the program, Carla has hired 15 employees and met her $5 million stretch target for 2014 revenues, also securing a contract with the City of Detroit to provide LED lighting for major thoroughfares throughout the city. Structured contracts like those with Liberty Food Center have assisted business owners in lowering their utility bills and becoming more energy-efficient.


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