Under 30, Overachieving

SME releases list of top manufacturing youth

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) released its selected honorees for its fourth-annual “30 Under 30” feature in the society’s July issue of its Manufacturing Engineering publication. The list is compiled to recognize young men and women who have demonstrated leadership, excellence and hard work in manufacturing. Sarah Webster, director of content and strategy at SME’s Advanced Manufacturing Media, placed importance on the young workforce of manufacturing and STEM receiving recognition. “These talented and hardworking professionals and students prove that manufacturing is not only alive and well, but adapting and advancing,” she said. “Their stories also demonstrate that a career in manufacturing can be important, rewarding and fun.”

Matthew Kelly, 24, is president of a chapter of College Mentors for Kids, has a degree in mechanical engineering and works tirelessly on welding and advanced manufacturing projects. He has specifically been channeling his efforts into adapting the technique of linear friction welding, a process currently too expensive for widespread use, so that it can be used in other forums of manufacturing besides automotive.

Edward Brabandt, 30, head of Systematic Manufacturing Inc. (a company he formed on his own), seems to represent an understanding not commonly seen among “Millenials”. He wants to bridge the skills gap. “I read an article recently that stated the average age of a machinist is 50 years old. This is and will continue to be a big problem for domestic manufacturers in the near future,” he said. “I plan to do my part in making American manufacturing strong once more—and showing the next generation of manufacturers that the trade can be very gratifying.”

Andrew Siwicki, 23, works in ABB’s robotics department. His role as a field service engineer enables him to address common robotics issues…and comes with some special perks, as well. At this year’s Grammy Awards, he was fortunate enough to be part of the team that assembled robotics for a special tribute performance by Lady Gaga, dedicated to the late David Bowie. Siwicki programmed the robotic piano played by Gaga during the performance.

Fabian Bartos, 16, of Franklin Park, Ill. He’s 16, and he’s on this list. Need we say any more? Bartos’ 3D printing abilities enabled him to create a highly detailed model of his school that caught the attention of the industry.

Madeline McCloughan, 24, is a technical service engineer for 3M’s Industrial Adhesives & Tapes Division in St. Paul, Minn. In 2015, Madeline took on the two new 3M priority tape projects in her tech service role. Using Six Sigma skill sets, she set about creating standard questions, guidelines and a data reporting methodology to reflect the “voice of the customer” in her field work.

Sean Sullivan, 30, of Tacoma, Wash., works as a CNC application engineer for the Motion Control Business division of Siemens Industry Inc. Sullivan has a unique knowledge of a cross-section of industries. This has allowed him to work with many manufacturing applications and projects, ranging from milling and turning centers for the job shop, grinders, filament winding, metal-spinning to a variety of complex machines and systems for the aerospace industry.

Profiles of all 30 honorees are available here in PDF format.

In other SME news, the organization will hold an all-day event on Additive Manufacturing August 10 in Youngstown, Ohio. The event is titled “Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing – New Materials: Building the Future for Additive Manufacturing”…find times, location and details here.


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