Motors vs. Mining Lawsuit

Huntington, WV repair & sales business suing energy company

Generally, mining companies and electric motor companies are on the same side. It’s rare that they don’t share a common goal or are forced to butt heads, unless there is money involved. A West Virginia electric motor company is suing Revelation Energy LLC, a mining company, citing an alleged unpaid debt of over $27,000, according to a report by the West Virginia Record.

Electric Motor Repair & Sales Co., of Huntington, West Va., filed a complaint on April 20 in Cabell Circuit Court against Revelation Energy LLC, alleging that the mining company owes the plaintiff $27,964.77.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff alleges that, between August 2015 and December 2015, Electric Motor Repair & Sales Co. had transactions with the defendant involving the selling of goods and rendering of services. But the defendant failed to pay the principal amount of $26,086.94, which later on incurred an interest of $1,877.33, for a total amount owed of $27,964.77, the suit says.

The plaintiff holds Revelation Energy LLC responsible because the defendant allegedly was fully aware of their dealings, as evidenced in the true and certified copy of the applicable statement of account courtesy of the plaintiff.

The plaintiff seeks the amount of $27,964.37, accumulating pre-judgment interest, statutory post-judgment interest, applicable attorneys’ fees and costs, and any further relief the court deems appropriate. It is represented by Ryan S. Marsteller of Bailes, Craig & Yon, PLLC in Huntington.

*Editor’s note: As of publication time, calls from EA to Ryan Marstellar were not returned. We will continue to update this story as we receive more information. 



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