In Honor of Helmut

AMETEK scholarship fund of $25,000 goes to OSU

AMETEK, Inc., the Berwyn, Pa.-based manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, responded to recognition with further generosity this past week. The company donated $25,000 to a scholarship fund at Ohio State University’s College of Engineering after recently receiving a leadership award from within its own ranks: the Helmut N. Friedlaender Leadership Award. The award is presented annually to an AMETEK divisional management team that has demonstrated outstanding performance against specific leadership objectives.

Pictured above: George Ardolino, AMETEK Division Vice President/Business Unit Manager, (center) presents $25,000 scholarship fund check to Vera Fosnot, Ohio State University Industry Liaison Director. Also pictured from left: Steve Wetta, Director of Engineering and Administration; Bogdan Proca, Director of R&D; Susan Midel, Director of HR; Nick Yarnell, Contracts Manager; Jim Lichtenberg, Business Manager of Prestolite Power; and Jason Cotton, Global Director of Sales and Service—AMETEK photo

George Ardolino (center) presents $25,000 scholarship fund check to Vera Fosnot. Also pictured from left: Steve Wetta, Bogdan Proca, Susan Midel, Nick Yarnell, Jim Lichtenberg, and Jason Cotton.—AMETEK photo

The donation was provided in honor of the late Helmut Friedlaender, who served on AMETEK’s board of directors for more than 50 years. Noted for his work on administrative law, for which he received his doctorate, and a thesis on hydroelectric enterprises, Friedlaender was German-born but left a trail of influence as a lawyer and financial adviser in Switzerland, England, and the United States. It became known upon his death that he was an avid book collector, when a plethora of previously unearthed books in his collection were sold at an auction. Friedlaender died in 2008.

The donation was made on behalf of the AMETEK Power Systems and Instruments Division (PSID), who had won the award, and was announced in a press release August 2.

In addition to the award, AMETEK donates $25,000 on behalf of the winning division to an academic institution or university of its choice. Two PSID business units—Prestolite Power of Troy, Ohio, and Solidstate Controls of Columbus—opted to donate the award to Ohio State University.

The two businesses, along with other units in the division, were recognized for improvements they have made over the past year “in identifying and developing potential leaders and in focusing on diversity and inclusion in hiring and promotion,” according to John Ely, marketing manager for Solidstate Controls.

“We are very proud of our division’s accomplishments and even more pleased to use this donation to contribute to the education of the future business and engineering leaders,” said Jim Lichtenberg, Business Manager for Prestolite Power.

The $25,000 scholarship fund check was presented by AMETEK Division Vice President George Ardolino to Vera Fosnot, Ohio State University Industry Liaison Director, during a ceremony at Solidstate Control’s headquarters in Columbus.

The only drawback here is that AMETEK may have lost some diehard Penn State football fans from around its home base. Better wear your Helmut.


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