Meeting of the Minds

Standards of old (UL) teams with progressives of new (AWEA)

In a striking example of progressive collaboration, UL is one of the organizations offering preparations for an upcoming renewable energy event, AWEA’s Resources & Projects Energy Assessments Seminar 2016.

The AWEA event, to be held 9/27-28 in Minneapolis, is designed as a forum for global wind energy services and information. The collaboration exemplifies industry progression. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) endorsement meshes a highly credible standards organization with arguably the most influential green energy association. UL, a global independent safety science company, has been garnering scientific principles and developing standards since 1894; AWEA has been pioneering wind energy cultivation since 1974. This video summarizes the maturation of UL:

Main topics at the seminar will be what AWEA calls “accurate wind energy resource assessment” along with advising on how to develop proper wind projects. It is a highly technical event within the AWEA framework—featuring meteorologists, wind analysts, even “heads of wind yield assessment” (yup, that’s a real profession).

UL’s primary role will be to streamline services at the event for those who are wind power rookies. UL experts and reps will be on hand to help “manage risk and optimize performance”, per its website, in specification areas. In services for the turbine and component manufacturing sector, these include grid code compliance, turbine testing, and certification guidelines for both on and offshore wind power production. For wind farm development (which invites operators, owners, lenders, and investors alike), UL will offer guidance for power curve verification, measurement, due diligence services, and more.

UL is also a ‘megawatt’ level sponsor of the event.

Meeting with UL experts can be scheduled beforehand by contacting


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