GE in 3-D

Multi-industrial company purchases additive groups

The emerging technology of 3-D printing continues to permeate more traditional manufacturing industries. The latest example of this happened September 6, when GE announced it would acquire two suppliers of metal-based 3-D printing manufacturing equipment for $1.4 billion. Those two companies are Arcam AB, based in Sweden, and SLM Solutions Group AG (Lubeck, Germany). Both companies will become part of GE’s Aviation division, where the technology is expected to enfold with GE’s aircraft components production, among other parts that use additive manufacturing technologies.

The acquisitions come at a notably high stock price, German financial analysts noted per the Wall Street Journal. This indicates not only the potential the multi-national conglomerate sees in a growing 3-D printing sector, but also its plans to position itself as a manufacturer and supplier of the products. GE said it expects to grow the new additive manufacturing business to $1 billion by 2020, and also expects $3 billion to $5 billion of product cost-out across the company over the next 10 years.

As a whole, the industry grew 25.9% last year to $5.1 billion in sales and services, according to the 21st edition of the Wohlers Report.

Any of this ringing a bell?

EA has covered the proliferation of the additive manufacturing industry, as well as GE’s industrial/technological makeover, both in the past year. Stay tuned.


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