NECA Tech Workshops

3-days of topics including a non-profit’s new learning system

The National Electrical Contractors Association will offer a three day schedule of technical workshops at its annual convention, to be held at Boston Convention & Exposition Center, October 8-10.

All of the presenters represent NECA2016 exhibitors, but the workshops are intended to be more than typical product showcases. NECA promises that speakers will address general principles of design, workflow, data organization, and other basic business management needs, with topics ranging from tool management on the job site to the “Industrial Internet of Things” in the Cloud. Codes, standards, energy legislation, photovoltaics, and principles of prefab are also on the agenda.techworkshop

Presenters Marty Riesberg and Greg Greiner represent the NECA-IBEW Electrical Training Alliance, a non-profit organization in the lineup. Their session will describe the Alliance’s Blended Learning System for remote training, which is designed to bridge the gap between apprenticeship and classroom learning. “We hope to give the NECA contractors a better understanding of how it makes the IBEW workers, who work for the NECA contractors, more knowledgeable, safer and more productive on the jobsite,” Riesberg told EA, describing the system as “another tool in the toolbox to ensure that NECA and the IBEW continue to be the best choice for our customers.”

As a special promotion, free admission to all 19d workshops, as well as admission to the exhibit hall and NECA’s “Showstopper Showcase” of new products, is available to those who register at using  the promo code 16EXH.



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