A Baldor Tripleheader

One new implementation, two ongoing transitions at Baldor Electric Co.

Baldor Electric Co. has made a few significant changes lately. Most recently, the company implemented an alternate method to improve production for some of its machining cells—collaborating with Mahr Federal to use air gaging that can improve GR&R and process capability on rotor shaft and endplate bearing bore manufacturing.

The implementation of Mahr air snap gages was done at all rotor machining cells in five of Baldor’s North American facilities, a conversion from the previous method of checking rotor shaft diameters using micrometers and mechanical snap gages, according to a press release. The air snap gages were able to help with gage repeatability and reduced scrap. Because air gaging is manufactured specifically for the part size being measured there is virtually no operator influence in the measurement. This means the results are faster and much more repeatable than with other variable gaging solutions. After testing, Baldor converted five of its plants that build electric motors.

The development of Baldor’s facilities has been an ongoing process that began last spring. In April, it began a multi-year process of merging one of its offsite operations into an expanded wing at its main site in Fort Smith, Ark., Tracy Long, vice president of marketing for Baldor, confirmed. The 18-24 month transition involves moving the service at Southwestern Die Casting Co. to the Baldor main campus.

In May, Baldor added 41 jobs and $4.2 million in new facilities and equipment to its Weaverville, N.C., plant. This is also a currently ongoing process that is part of an overall company initiative which involves restructuring its manufacturing facilities. The work added to the Weaverville location (outside of Asheville) represents consolidation from Canada, according to a joint press release with the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville-Buncombe County and the Buncombe County Commissioners. The move enables Baldor to bring mechanical power transmission components closer to its customers. The Asheville plant makes parts for the Baldor-Dodge brand name, and had already employed 140 people, according to the release.

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