Respect Your Welders

Lincoln Electric enlists two high-profile spokesmen in the fabricating industry

Lincoln Electric is keeping it very Vegas at an upcoming convention by enlisting two big names to make sure its booth has plenty of draw beyond the company’s wide range of products in the fabrication industry. Lincoln has contracted the duo of  “master builder”, fabricator, and noted television personality Bryan Fuller and educator and author Mark Prosser to team up to teach several seminars on welding and fabricating at the Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show November 1-4 in Las Vegas, Lincoln Electric announced in a press release October 17. Pillars of the duo’s seminars will be welding processes (TIG vs. MIG), fact-checking the popular but commonly misconceived 4130 “chrome-moly” alloy tubing, and the benefits of purging stainless steel tubing. Fuller and Prosser will appear all three days of the convention—seminar times are available here.


Prosser (left) and Fuller bring celebrity and credibility to modern welding.—Lincoln Electric photo

Fuller, owner of Atlanta-based hot rod shop Fuller Moto, was a cast member on Discovery Channel’s “Overhaulin’” series and more recently co-hosted Velocity Network’s “Café Racer” and “Naked Speed.” He routinely teaches welding seminars. Prosser, a welding instructor for more than a decade, is the lead instructor at Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Together, the pair have gained prominence in the fabricating industry for their series of instructional videos (found on the Fuller Moto YouTube channel). They also have co-written two books under their Full-Bore Publishing brand, including “Full-Bore Sheet Metal” and “Full-Bore Welding.”

During SEMA 2016, Fuller and Prosser will tackle welding topics that are near and dear to automotive aftermarket enthusiasts, including:

  • TIG vs. MIG – Which One is Right for You? The choice of welding process is as much a question of preference as it is a question of your goals. What materials are you welding? What are the applications of the finished product? This seminar will put new welders on the road to deciding which process is best for their individual applications, so they can choose the equipment that best meets their needs.
  • Take the Mystery Out of Welding 4130. 4130 chrome-moly is an alloy popular among auto and racing enthusiasts for its light weight and strength, relative to conventional steel. Applications for this material range from suspension components to roll cages. Yet, there are some common misconceptions about welding 4130 tubing. This seminar will seek to demystify the process, explain what 4130 is, as well as how to prep, tack and weld it for maximum benefit.
  • Purging vs. Not Purging Stainless: What You Don’t See May Be Hurting You. Stainless steel tubing is a staple material among performance exhaust fabricators. But in order to make a weld that looks (and performs) as good on the outside as it does on the inside, purging is an important, but often overlooked, step. This seminar will demonstrate correct techniques for purging, show how purging benefits the quality and appearance of the weld, and how it can also enhance the performance of your exhaust system.

The Lincoln booth has no shortage of celebrity power. In addition to Fuller and Prosser, the booth will feature appearances and autograph sessions from Jessi Combs, the land speed record holder, professional driver, metal fabricator, TV personality, public speaker, brand rep & author; and Chip Foose, Chip Foose, the automobile designer and star of the aforementioned Overhaulin’ TV show. For those who prefer to learn without waiting in line, the company will also offer two of its own educational seminars on robotic welding in the automotive aftermarket and plasma cutting.


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