Only in 2016

FABTECH will have some interesting panels; could get heated

FABTECH 2016 will examine the future of manufacturing with an emphasis on the laser and fabrication industries, as always, this year when it gets underway Nov. 16-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. However, ‘this year’ hasn’t been an ordinary one by any standards. With three “forward-looking” panels at the 2016 edition of FABTECH, expect the discussion and atmosphere to be markedly intensified.

The panels will cover topics such as the presidential election results, the rise of innovative technologies in manufacturing—including additive and advanced manufacturing—and what it all means for American manufacturers in the years ahead. These panels include:

State of the Industry: Post-Election Analysis

Development Trends in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Advanced Manufacturing: Creating Competitive Advantages for Product Development

Collectively, this programming “will give industry experts the opportunity to share their industry outlooks with attendees and help them evaluate their own processes, make more informed decisions and improve business strategies,” FABTECH’s marketing team says. The show’s slogan this year (previewed in the video above) is “Sharpen Your Edge”.

While the emergence of 3D printing has been a steady one, and almost all manufacturing companies are looking to incorporate advanced techniques and processes, the post-election analysis can’t be predicted. Especially this year.


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