Brithinee Classes

Two classes on motor basics and VFDs will begin Nov. 16th 

Brithinee Electric of Colton, CA, will be hosting two free courses on electric motors in the upcoming months. The first will be an entry level course on three-phase motors, maintenance and repair; while the second will cover more advanced aspects of three-phase motors as well as variable frequency drives.

The first class is designed for entry-level personnel who are taking on any responsibilities involving electric motors. They will get a visual image of why a motor shaft rotates and how fast it turns, “compliments of Michael Faraday and Nicola Tesla,” the company stated on its website. The course will also cover common motor terminology, plus industry standards and regulations, specifically how the federal government now requires new motors to be very energy efficient.

Lastly, it will include ideas on “What makes a repair good?”—discussing what a service center needs to do in order to maintain a motor’s reliability and its efficiency. Simple motor testing will be covered, plus lubrication and maintenance tips. This first class will be held Wednesday, November 16th and again on Wednesday, January 11th, both from 9 AM to 1:30 PM.

The second class covers the impacts that variable frequency drives can have on motor performance and life expectancy. It will explain why so many applications now have variable speed controls, and what customers and maintainers might request in new motors and repaired motors that will allow them to run longer and with greater efficiency. Henry Stimson will explain the role of shaft grounding as it pertains to the static and circulating shaft currents caused by today’s variable frequency drives.  His demonstration display “will leave no doubt that shaft currents exist,” and that these can damage bearings. John Bowlin will explain the role of power devices that condition power entering the variable frequency drive or leaving the drive. He will answer why these devices might be added to a system, and the benefits that accrue from them. This second course will be held on Wednesday, October 26th, Weds. November 9th, and Thursday December 1st, all from 9 AM to 1:30 PM.

Motor classes to be held at the classroom at:
620 South Rancho Ave., Colton, CA. (click for directions)
Classes will include tours of our production facilities, as well as complimentary lunch.

Brithinee has mainly served Southern California and the U.S. southwest states since 1963, including municipalities, utilities, food processors, rock and gravel producers, cement companies, air conditioning contractors, chemical companies, paper and plastic producers, wind farms and OEMs. The company has a motor and generator remanufacturing and repair facility of 39,000 square feet, and a motor controls manufacturing and new motor sales facility of 14,500 square feet.


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