Saving the Skyway

Westside Electric credited with keeping transit system running

Westside Electric, of Jacksonville, Fla., recently helped save the city’s Skyway, a complimentary monorail-like transit system that has been active since 1989.

The company, which in addition to having a full service motor repair shop does electrical construction, process control, power distribution, communications, materials handling, packaging and automation systems, provided a cost savings maintenance plan for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority board that was crucial in keeping the transit system alive, according to a report in the Jacksonville Business Journal.

The cost will now be 1/3 of previous estimates for refurbishing each of the motors for the 2.5 mile system. The overhaul of the Skyway’s vehicles is part of a larger project that includes expansion to other areas of the city, street level operations, and a goal of thirty more years of service. As recently as last year, the transportation board was discussing the possibility of shutting down the Skyway.

Westside provides motor, gearbox and pump repair service and has earned an SKF Certified Electrical Motor Rebuilder award, as well as certification to provide services to the US Navy, NASA and military bases over its 47 years of operations.

Covering a range of motors in ceiling fans to giant industrial equipment motors six feet tall, the company has 57 employees who now do its motor repair and electrical contracting on the north side of town. The company has an additional facility in Savannah, Georgia.


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