A Year On Tour

Danfoss truck journeys come to an end

The Danfoss Drives Truck Tour, which began on April 19, finally concluded at the end of October. The tour included three different roadshows in Europe, India, and Korea. “The idea was to physically get closer to our customers and partners by packing trucks full of AC-drive innovation and driving them to as many locations as possible,” VP of Marketing Joni Lampinen said in a post on the Danfoss Drives website Tuesday.

Eight months later, and the European, Indian and Korean roadshows and the Drives Forum events are all done. “The trucks are hibernating for the winter, and the Drives Forum events have ‘left the building’! It’s been an exciting and very busy year. But the results speak for themselves,” Lampinen continued.

The European truck was on the road for 21 weeks and covered 70,000 km. Visiting over 80 destinations in 24 countries, it introduced and demonstrated Danfoss features and benefits to over 5,000 visitors. See below:

The Indian roadshow, known as the Energy Efficiency Yatra, traveled to 33 cities, covered over 17,000 km and attracted more than 9,000 visitors. With the aim of empowering industries to adopt brand new innovations in energy efficient technology, the multi-city tour showcased tools that can be employed to save costs and reduce carbon emissions.  The Korean roadshow introduced new trends and solutions implemented with Danfoss Drives’ technology of tomorrow by demonstrating video streaming and controls on its ‘moving exhibition stand’. The truck made 32 pit stops, travelled to 18 cities, covered over 2,000 km of the country, and attracted close to 900 visitors. News of the roadshow and Danfoss Drives’ continuous innovations was published more than 200 times in the Korean media.


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