Hoists & Cranes Entertain

Columbus McKinnon’s entertainment training program

Columbus McKinnon, the Getzville, NY-based designer, manufacturer, and marketer of material handling systems and services, is offering a special training program for riggers and hoist maintenance professionals in the entertainment industry.

Courses in the program are spread out over an 8-month period beginning November 18th, and are offered at select locations across the country. There are motor certification courses, hoist and rigging workshops, and a basic introduction and maintenance school. An online training course for specific CM model maintenance is also available. Recommended tools for course attendees include the following:

Feeler gauge (.025 inch/.635 mm); screwdriver (1/8 inch and 1/4 inch flat blades); Allen wrench sets; torque wrenches; open end wrenches; sockets; punch set (1/8 inch minimum); pliers for pulling wires; external snap ring pliers. 

Cities include Orlando (November 18th, December 16th), Las Vegas (January 5-6, 2017), St. Louis (March 5-8), Gatlinburg, Tenn. (March 13-17), Wilkes-Barre, Pa. (March 20-24), Chicago (May 8-12), and Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (June 6-7). It is important to note that each location does not offer the entire array of courses, and certain courses are only offered at a specific location. Visit Columbus McKinnon’s website for the full course master schedule and specifics.

CM-ET (Columbus McKinnon’s entertainment line) includes electric chain motors, ratchet hoists, chain and rigging products that are used primarily at music venues, concerts, sporting events, and movie sets. The company’s CM Lodestar electric chain motor, released in 1955, it considers to be groundbreaking within the entertainment industry. The video above shows three of the Lodestar models in action at a car show.

CM’s products are designed for ergonomic movement, lifting, positioning, and securing. These products include hoists, actuators, cranes, and lifting and rigging tools. The company has been in existence for 140 years.


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