The Kaiser and the Duke

Siemens teams up with Duke Energy in wind power partnership

Siemens looks to strengthen its foothold on the North American wind power sector with a recent partnership. The German-based industrial conglomerate announced an upcoming partnership with Charlotte, NC-based Duke Energy on November 3rd. The team effort will offer repairs to North American turbine fleets of all sizes, denoting itself a “one-stop shop” for the diverse fleets that make up many American and Canadian wind farms.

Plenty of North American wind power capacity owners employ various brands and models of wind turbines within wide portfolios. Many use those mass-produced by larger manufacturers in conjunction with turbines from other OEMs who make turbine parts.

The Siemens and Duke duo will aim to cover the entire spectrum.

The partnership is supported by “the complementary operation and maintenance (O&M) capabilities of Siemens and Duke,” according to a Siemens press release. Joint contracts will be offered.

North America is home to around 50,000 wind turbines in all—a market with “changing dynamics”—according to a Duke press release. Perhaps the most pertinent customer need being addressed here is consolidation of service and maintenance points for an entire fleet. Customers are also calling for improved flexibility in service contracts.

The partnership is an exhibition of combined strength and assets: Duke Energy’s renewable services business, which currently produces 2,300 MW of power, includes eight turbine manufacturers and 20 wind power plant locations across the U.S. The company has invested $4 billion in its renewable services businesses (which also include solar and battery storage) since 2007. It also offers remote monitoring and asset optimization through its Renewable Control Center in Charlotte.


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