Flaps Down

Cessna chooses Ametek for new parts

For its newest model, the Cessna Denali, Wichita-based private plane company Cessna (owned by Textron Aviation) has chosen Ametek‘s power and data systems to operate its new flap feature. This business unit includes actuators, AC & DC motors, generator control units, and starters—used for power distribution control, power generation, motion control, data concentration, and environmental control systems. It includes some of Ametek’s smaller flight vehicle components, such as helicopters, private and business jets, drones, and military craft. So if you ever wished you were a pilot, this is some quick insight into the world of planes.

The Ametek actuator for Cessna's next generation of flap systems for turboprop planes.—AMETEK photo

Ametek actuator for Cessna’s next generation of flap systems for its Turboprop planes.—AMETEK image

The Denali is part of Cessna’s Turboprop line, planes that seat 8-11 occupants and are designed to travel 1,600 nm (nautical miles) at a maximum cruise speed of 285 ktas (knots), per the Cessna website.

The flap system developed by Ametek consists of eight mechanical actuators and a flap power drive unit (PDU) for each aircraft. The PDU is an off-the-shelf design based on the Ametek MP50Y Series motor initially developed for the flap system aboard the Cessna Citation Mustang business jet. The mechanical flap actuators developed for the Cessna Denali are new additions to Ametek’s line of electromechanical actuators. according to an Ametek Aviation & Aerospace division press release November 15.

Take a tour inside the new plane below:


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