High Reward

Mec Com seeing dividends, able to hire after taking advantage of Brexit lull

While the ongoing Brexit saga continues to affect the whole of Europe on various levels, some British companies have taken the high-risk, high-reward approach of diving into new business ventures.

One such company is Mec Com, of Staffordshire, England, which recently worked on an extensive Siemens project using some of its new products. It was able to create 39 new jobs. The company is a fabrication specialist, doing work on products such as drives and testing equipment. It also currently offers general machining, final assembly, and is continually looking to add services. Mec Com is also a subsidiary of Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN). The company’s managing director said there were short-term opportunities presented in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum. This recent business activity—to the point of jobs being added—reflects earlier sentiments from months ago.

In the October issue of EA, Houghton International CEO Michael Mitten discussed the company’s approach in the wake of the referendum (which happened June 23), as well as what they were planning to do down the road. “Short-term, U.K. exporters are more competitive internationally,” Mitten said, “A fall in sterling makes products bought in the U.K. from abroad cheaper…We are already seeing customers take advantage of this.” Mitten was undoubtedly on to something.


Joshua Gray, Sarah Brookes, Andy Whittaker (engineering and quality director) and Cherise Robinson.—MECCOM photo


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