Holiday Warm-Up

Here’s a hot gift inspired by a motorhead

Worth considering during the last-minute holiday scramble: A heated necklace, inspired by a former motor shop worker.

As Anthony Gentile of local Nevada news source Tahoe Daily Tribune reports, the brand Kozy Core is a unique story. More ‘surface-warming’ than heartwarming, this gadget will probably just keep you warm rather than hit you in the feels.

The full Kozy Core set, with charger and accessories.— photo

The full Kozy Core set, with charger and accessories.— photo

Creator Jarid Davis, originally from Idaho, is a Tahoe resident familiar with the mountain climate as well as heat induction. Hence, he created “Kozy Core”, USB-powered, heat-generating necklaces that use three coils inside an insulated tube to create a wearable personal warmer.

Kozy Core was unilaterally inspired by the discomfort of both indoor and outdoor temperatures. Davis says cold offices were something his friends mentioned they’d like to use it for. The insulation on the tube combines moisture-wicking fabric with the heated core, using some of the same principles as electric coils. Davis had prior electrical training from working in a motor shop owned by his family.

Price range is reasonable; Davis said the items are roughly around $49.95 (including battery pack and a full package of accessories) with flexibility for the holidays, local and returning customers, and demo trials. They are available through an exclusive product website,, and additional charges for shipping and handling may apply. The product comes with an 18-month warranty. The battery charger, made by RAVPower, is also functional for other personal electronic devices. Somebody senses a surefire stocking stuffer.


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