Washington Monument

Obelisk will undergo at least 2 more years of repairs to elevators, motors

During the Civil War, the construction of the Capitol building was a parallel that became looked at as a paradigm to quantify a nation’s turbulent search for unity. Originally constructed in the same era—the Washington Monument’s outlook could serve as a parallel for the next few years.

Many will remember severe damage to the monument following an August 2011 earthquake. The restoration that followed was completed by 2013, but tangential problems still linger.

Repairs to elevators and electric motors in the obelisk will take 2 years, roughly, according to multiple reports. Its primary electric motor has been around since the 1960s, and has been labeled a “beast”. The monument has some additional workhorse machinery that is expected to be fine after refurbishment.

We’re certainly rooting for a fast recovery.


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  1. Nice job Charlie! I especially enjoyed the Wheatstone Motor article. Also, FYI; the link in the E-mail wouldn’t take me directly to the Washington Monument piece. I backed into it through the ‘Reply Channel’. Happy New Year!

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